08 May 2017

Huffing and puffing at Daisy

Over the long weekend we went to Daisy. I wasn't feeling very well. In fact I haven't been feeling at all well lately. I just don't seem to have very much breath left in me and feel like I have been climbing Table Mountain all the time. But after we arrived, I felt a bit better. They have put up a fence so that we cant go foraging in the veld which made Laddie feel most indignant.
We went for a walk after unpacking and having a cup of tea - we were all feeling shell-shocked after the slow slow traffic all the way here. But it was Freedom Day after all so everyone was out and about.
So it was lovely to sink into the cool cool water of the southern tip of Africa.
There were lots of fishermen,
which meant lots of dead pajama sharks for me to scavenge. I may be feeling breathless but I still feel hungry.
Back home for supper and a relax,
and sundowners on the deck.
Quite a view!  
More walks in the morning,
and I managed to get quite a long way (although I was carried some of the way - its very far after all) along the beach.
Oh good, my favourite swimming beach.
Complete with shade - especially for little old me. It was a really really hot day.
The crazy boys just loved it too,
and Harvey was intrigued by the hermit crabs and silvery, slivery fish.
The Food Lady is reading a book on ants and took a photo of these ants eating some bits of dead pajama shark (thrown there by the unkind fishermen) to put on ispot.
Then afterwards it was back on the deck for some R&R with a view.
Harvey joined me.
We had a braai under the half moon - and you can just see a half Coco too.
We met some of the locals - a Boston Terrier called Flat Screen, with protective parents. I mean is he protecting me from Flat Screen or vice versa?
Then we found a Scottie in one of the houses too - but we couldn't find out her name. We had plenty of other things to say to each other - not all of them polite.
On Sunday it was the Food Lady's birthday and Ernest, father of Milly and Billy the black ladradorables, came to spend the day. We decided to show him our favourite swimming beach,
It wasn't a very hot day, so we didn't really feel like swimming,
but lots of running for the idiots,
and a shady spot for me to watch all the fun and games and try and catch my breath.
Soon it was time to pack up and leave again. Goodbye Daisy Cottage.
Goodbye Suiderstrand.
And heloooo traffic all the way home.
Luckily they managed to make it to Paul's 60th that night. Under the table at Honey and Pippin.

26 April 2017

Harvey's bed - and a walk up the Jojolu Path

I am not feeling my usual bouncy self, and was quite happy to snooze at home on Sunday morning (in Harvey's bed!) while the others went off for a walk in the Kalk Bay mountains.
Lad and Harvey report that Sue and Honey, and Paul and Pauline were there - as well as Alice and Maddie (who has recovered from a horrible attack by the next door neighbours Labrador).
Sometimes Lad is a bundle of nerves. He is wondering just what is coming round the corner ..
but luckily it was just Sue and Honey.
The Food Lady found a pretty restio - probably an Elegia -
and everyone admired the view over Fish Hoek.
Maddie is asking "Where is my little black friend?"
Harvey and the Alph found a lovely tea spot,
overlooking Fish Hoek. They were able to see Alice and Maddie's house, Paul's new house, and even Pauline's house. But not our house where I was all alone.
Time to come down again - all amongst the yellow Othonna quinquedentata -
down thorough the Erica triste trees, and home to me.
I am still up to a greenbelt walk though, and here we are in the back of the car off to meet Margie and Rupert and Paddington.
I might be a bit slow, and my breathing is a bit labored, but I still maintain my regal Scottie stance
with tail held high,
even though I am somewhat behind the others.
We have Harvey to stay at the moment, and the Lad is very happy to have him to be crazy with,
while Phil is knocking back Singapore Slings in Raffles.
Simon and So Yhoung have also been travelling in Jirisan in South Korea
and seeing flowers (like these gentians) and trees that have made the Food Lady and the Alph's feet itch.
I am just happy to be able to use his very comfy bed.

13 April 2017

Large dogs and a Long Beach

Last Sunday we cancelled a walk on the mountain in favour of a beach walk as the Food Lady thought it was going to be too hot for me on the mountain. Siobhan came too,
as did Sue and Honey. And we set off across the shallow lagoon towards the sea in a rather stiff breeze. FAR from being too hot but just my kind of weather. Tails up!
The Alph had a ball-throwing implement to give Laddie some exercise on the beach. (But as you know, I don't chase balls.)
Siobhan took a photo of Laddie tearing after the ball which you can see just above him. Such a simple soul is our Lad.
We walked along the cold sea edge, rather sedately now as the Alph threw the ball into the sea and it had a hole in it so it sank, never to be seen again.
On and on we walked towards the wreck of the Kakapo,
with me starting to tire a bit - and thinking fondly of a Choc-99 that Siobhan had mentioned ...
But what have we here? Laddie ready for a show down with some burly Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a wiry Irish Terrier.
A tense moment,
which escalated into an even more tense situation.
But the Lad held his ground and saw them off. No blood spilled. Just a chuffed - and relieved - Lad.
This is Siobhan's photo of us exploring the wreck of the Kakapo which happened more than 117 years ago.
Uh oh, more trouble.
Even larger dogs!
I decided to help the Lad this time, and after a word about what Scottie teeth could do to ruin a pretty face, they retreated with a nose touch and a friendly wave of the tail.
Can you spot me in this photo from Siobhan? I blended into the wrecked ship - causing the humans a bit of consternation and some "Where is that damn dog!" from the FL.
Tea spot in the dunes with equestrian action behind us.
Honey sticking close to Sue,
and me sticking close to Siobhan - still hoping for a Choc-99 to materialize.
Lad kept an eye on the passing parade but didn't dare do any chasing as some things are just verboten and horse-chasing is one of them.
 He soon managed to content himself with some dune molerat hunting.
and the Food Lady hunted for some flowers. She was more successful than the Lad. This is strandhongerblom (Senecio maritimus) growing in the sand,
and a teeny tiny leaf-beetle (Monolepta bioculata) on sea celery (Daisispermum suffruticosum).
After tea we splashed through the deliciously smelly, shallow water lagoon, me far far behind.
Me catching up with Sue and Honey,
and the Lad still contemplating a wild dash after the horses way in the distance but not sure whether it would be worth his while. 
Then he saw some dogs - small, safe dogs - and off he went to say hello. It is permitted to chase dogs but we are not allowed to make scary noises at them as this makes our humans mad.
On and on we walked. I am the speck in the very far distance. Despite the cool weather, I found it all a bit long. And lunch was way overdue.
While they waited for little old me to catch up, the Food Lady found some fat bushy sedges to photograph: vleibiesie (Ficinia nodosa).
And soon we were on the home straight - Siobhan and me. This is our last walk with Siobhan for a while as she is off on her travels with her husband soon. We hope she comes back soon as we didn't get a chance to have a Choc-99 together.
PS: Here Siobhan is having a Choc-99 in Fish Hoek earlier in the week. Now she and John will have to eat lots of them on their travels and post the pics to us.
Thanks Siobhan for all the lovely photos you sent us of the walk.