18 August 2013


Lookee at what came walking up the garden path yesterday. A cute little white pup come to visit.
I was overjoyed - a friend to play with!
I look him exploring around the garden. He was a bit cheeky and bit me a few times, but I was quite polite and pretended to ignore him as I didn't want to kick up a fuss. I was sure he would go home soon.
There was a bit of discussion about a name for him. BruichLaddich was chosen - Laddie for short. And indeed he is short! But his teeth are sharp. I should have started to get suspicious when he arrived without a human - and it soon became obvious that this chap was here to stay.
I told him that the pool was out of bounds -even though it has a net on.
In fact, I told him that the whole place was mine and out of bounds but he just kept running around and having a ball with the Food Lady and the Alph - and biting me - so I went to my kennel for some peace and quiet.
I think he thought he had found another friend in this house, the silly pup. But I am NOT his friend - not with those teeth and that attitude. Who does he think he is coming in and taking over?

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  1. I am SURE you can Laddie will be GREAT furends soon enough!

    He is VERY cute!