19 January 2017

Beach holiday

The Alph's arm made a useful headrest for the Lad who doesn't really like car trips.
Soon we were on familiar territory - with exciting sea smells wafting into the car - delicious rotting kelp and fish biltong.
Daisy Cottage. We were out and off exploring in five seconds.
Laddie and Harvey had to be retrieved from the beach by an irate Alph and a panic stricken Food Lady.
First things first.
We could but stand and stare out wistfully while lunch and human tasks around the house were completed.
Then, joy of joys, we went out for a beach walk. Get a load of that smell!
It was quite warm and windless,
and that evening we were all rather exhausted! Harvey chose his best spot.
Next morning it was hot but the Food Lady declared we needed to do a walk so off we set early in the morning through the fynbos, tail up!
We climbed up onto the top of the sand dune hill and looked down over the dusty road. All feeling a bit hot and tired, 
but we perked up no end when we hit the beach!
Laddie and Harvey were manic.
The Food Lady was snapping away at seabirds - this is a White-fronted Plover.
I preferred to wade in the cool water and sit in the cool vleigras that grows here where fresh water seeps into the sea.
 Its actually not a grass but a sedge called Isolepis prolifer.
Teatime at Rasperpunt.
Then the long plod home for lunch and a sleep. Luckily it started to cloud over and wasn't quite as hot as the early morning.
Afternoon tea and Christmas cake.
while we kept watch at the door.
Or stretched out on the carpet as the case may be.
Next morning we had coffee and biscuits in bed,
and a later start to our walk. Looking across the Suiderstrand bay.
A shimmery shiny Common Greenshank.
More crazy swimming for the crazy Bostie.
Even this Caspian Tern was laughing at him.
The Food Lady was laughing at me!
Phil joined us and there was more fun and games on the beach.
and pleasant evenings together.
David popped in for lunch one windy cool day,
while Harvey chose a sunny spot to relax in.
The Alph also enjoyed a relax in the sun - sheltering from the wind behind the house.
And take note of the title - horse and HOUND. What an Alph!
I was the official braai grid cleaner.
One morning we went out to the town of Agulhas to buy stuff but we were left in the landrover,
while they went to interesting shops.
But later we went for a walk through Suiderstrand,
past this poor dog who is chained to his kennel. He said very rude things to us, so we left him alone.
I suppose we don't have such a bad time after all, said Laddie. No, I replied, but they are pretty stingy with my food.
The Limestone Road.
The entrance to the new Agulhas National Park restcamp.
The Alph's braai fire - and a cloudy, but windless sky.
Me and the Lad plotting to raid the fishermen's buckets of bait.
We went for a long walk right around the bay and beyond - past the old Pietie se Punt house which is not a posh guest house called "Lagoon House".
Me on my own private path to who knows where. Maybe I will find someone who will give me some delicious food. I am rather sick of fish biltong and kelp.
Laddie chasing birds.
The Food Lady chasing flowers - this is Sea Spurry (Spergularia media).
Then it was time to go home. I tried to hide away, but they found me and bundled us back to Cape Town
where Olivia had left a lovely bunch of flowers as a welcome home gift.

11 January 2017

Christmas craziness

The lead up to Christmas is always a bit unsettling - lots to do, and strange behaviour from the humans - like putting these antlers on us. Nothing depresses a Scottie more!
Harvey just pretended they were wings,
and I shook and shook until they fell off.
Even the Alph looks silly with them on.
I was partial to a treat to make up for the humiliation though.
"Just bring one of those silly things anywhere near me and your hand will be shredded."
Our English cousin, Jethro, was also made to look silly.
This is what he prefers to be - a foot rest.
Simon and So Yhoung also celebrated Christmas in South Korea.
Phil's idea of a good celebration.
Harvey spent quite a lot of time with us as his parents are at odds and very busy on overseas trips and work.
We had a few nice walks in the Green Belt,
and also on Fish Hoek beach.
And I had to have an operation on Christmas Eve to remove a nasty, infected grass seed from my paw.
This had unexpected advantages in that the Food Lady was sorry for me and allowed me to do things like lick the turkey carving board.
I spent the next few days trying to remove the bandage.
On Christmas Eve they all went to Rupert and Paddington's humans for food
and drink, 
and lots of Scottie-themed gifts.
We opened them all on Christmas Day back at home.
This was from Hugh who is back from his year in the Land of the Scots.
And this.
And this is from Alice and Maddie.
The Food Lady got a Bostie Bag from Olivia too - as she is now a Bostie granny.
Jane also gave us this duck that the Food Lady really liked - but I was not too sure about it ...
and was keeping an eye on it while trying to remove my bandage and wearing a silly Christmas bandana.
As my foot was now much better, we were back to the greenbelt for a Christmas walk. Tails up!
Thomas, the lord of Omie-Domes house - on Christmas morning.
And lots of interesting food on Boxing Day. Pleeese look down on me and spare me a morsel oh Alph.
A new friend came to Boxing Day - Scarlet Field.
Laddie spent the whole day begging humans to play volley ball with him. He had such fun.
But I preferred a bit of peace and quiet and time to digest the Christmas ham on my own in the back yard. Note the absence of the bandage!