22 August 2016

Racing the rain

This Sunday we met Sue and Honey at Wolfkop Carpark for a short walk up to the Fat Lady Cave. Some box men had got here before us and were trundling off into the hills. Not sure whether we should have barked at them but no-one seemed worried so I didn't.
We set off through some spectacular Gladiolus liliaceus flowers. The Food Lady says they are so magnificent because of all the dog poo on this stretch.
Lots of brilliant yellow Ragwort - probably Rough Ragwort (Senecio rigidus) flowering,
but some daisies had not opened in the cold and rain-threatening weather.
Sue and the Alph were chatting about Land Rovers and the Richtersveld,
and Harvey and me were chatting about this and that - mainly about how Lad was being a bit overbearing this morning.
We got up to the Fat Lady Shelter but it was very windy. Lad was being blown around,
I was being blown around,
and so was the Alph. It was too cold for tea, but luckily Sue had some biscuits but sadly, we were not offered one, 
so we pushed off - Harvey and Lad thick as thieves again -
to explore further afield and get out of the wind.
Eventually they followed - across the bleak plains,
and through the towering crags, Laddie and Harvey trying to bounce me off the path. Such puppyish behaviour!
Honey was ignoring them too.
The intricate flower of a Granny's Bonnet (Disperis capensis) orchid,
some golden Satirium coriifolium orchids
and a dancing Gladious gracilis kept the Food Lady happy and occupied. It was starting to spit a bit,
but we love the chilly weather and I was sorry when we got back to the car.
We then got left behind while the Alph and the Food Lady took Phil and Kerryn out to lunch to celebrate Phil's 30th birthday.
Phil got a lovely Bostie mug from Alice and Omie Domes.
When they eventually returned, Harvey grabbed the opportunity to sleep in his own bed before he went home with his humans. (Note that Laddie had unilaterally annexed it earlier even though its a bit of a tight fit for him.)
But when they left, they forgot to take the bed, so when no-one was looking, I jumped in.

18 August 2016

A last minute dash to see orchids

Although our walk was officially cancelled due to rain, the Food Lady was so keen to go and search for orchids that we decided to risk it at the last minute and set out with Alice and Maddie and Micky - who came straight from the dermatology conference with the Alph - and Bob Marley, her gorgeous and wonderful Ridgeback. We parked at the ruined village of Brooklands,
and within minutes we were falling over these brilliant golden orchids called Satyrium coriifolium,
and Maddie was having a lovely swim in the pans that had filled up after all the rain. I had a wade and a tummy cool too.
Lad too.
Harvey was still with us - here he is with Bob Marley and just LOOK at how deep the Kleinplaas Dam marker is. (To compare, click here and it will take you to all our previous posts of walks to the dam.)
There were lots of things for the Phoodlady to photograph (is there ever not?). These are Orange-throat Yellowwort (Sebaea exacoides) flowers,
some daisies - possibly Othonna bulbosa,
and lots of Small Mountain Dahlia (Liparia parva) flowers. These are "Vulnerable" according to the Redlist of SA Plants and only occur on the Cape Peninsula and nowhere else.
Micky found a beautiful stand of orchids coming up and here is Alice doing some bottomizing with Maddie,
as is Micky while Laddie and Bob Marley make friends.
They were all super-excited to find some flowers of the rather rare orchid, Disa rufescens which only flowers after a fire. The Food Lady has never seen one before and was very happy that Micky found them for her!
Also growing in some burned bits near the edges of the dam were lots of pink Disa obliqua flowers that we saw last week in Silvermine but this time there were some rather rare white ones too.
Family shot by Micky. Harvey was trying to keep warm by snuggling into the Food Lady's fleecy because it was mighty chilly. Us Scots were in our element as you can see. Tails up!
We managed to tear Alice, Micky and the Food Lady away from the orchids, and we carried on along the path to the Lewis Gay Dam,
past some colourful Tree Pagoda (Mimetes fimbrifolius) bushes,
and some rustling restios - the Cushion Restio (Elegia stipularis).
We got to the Lewis Gay Dam but there were no takers for a swim and we were all keen to get home as it was way after our supper.
We had to take Harvey home as Phil and Kerryn were coming back from their travels. We were quite sad to say goodbye to the little fella - and his bed. Phil sent us this pic of him and Kerryn - I think he was quite tired after the walk. Until next time then Harv.

10 August 2016

Milly and Billy come to Tokai Park

On Sunday Milly and Billy and their human, Ernest came to play and we all went for a walk in Tokai Park. Paul also joined us.
This is Billy with Laddie trying to keep up with his long legs. Me FAR behind ...
and Harvey way out in front.
Me still far behind.
This is an important park as it has some very rare and endangered fynbos which most people hate and just want forests.
But the Foodlady loves the fynbos. This is a Grand Duchess Sorrel (Oxalis purpurea) just starting to open.
Rather too large and formidable to chase - a Black-headed Heron,
and lots of Spur-winged Geese.
Milly and Billy were most interested in the horses,
but I just ignore them. Sort of. (I keep a leary eye out in case a hoof comes flying too close!)
I prefer little kids on bikes. They always want to say hello to me, but I only engage if there is food involved.
Laddie engages with everyone and everything. Here is the Alph calling him away from some rather pieperig Bassets.
Pretty nice hey.