26 April 2017

Harvey's bed - and a walk up the Jojolu Path

I am not feeling my usual bouncy self, and was quite happy to snooze at home on Sunday morning (in Harvey's bed!) while the others went off for a walk in the Kalk Bay mountains.
Lad and Harvey report that Sue and Honey, and Paul and Pauline were there - as well as Alice and Maddie (who has recovered from a horrible attack by the next door neighbours Labrador).
Sometimes Lad is a bundle of nerves. He is wondering just what is coming round the corner ..
but luckily it was just Sue and Honey.
The Food Lady found a pretty restio - probably an Elegia -
and everyone admired the view over Fish Hoek.
Maddie is asking "Where is my little black friend?"
Harvey and the Alph found a lovely tea spot,
overlooking Fish Hoek. They were able to see Alice and Maddie's house, Paul's new house, and even Pauline's house. But not our house where I was all alone.
Time to come down again - all amongst the yellow Othonna quinquedentata -
down thorough the Erica triste trees, and home to me.
I am still up to a greenbelt walk though, and here we are in the back of the car off to meet Margie and Rupert and Paddington.
I might be a bit slow, and my breathing is a bit labored, but I still maintain my regal Scottie stance
with tail held high,
even though I am somewhat behind the others.
We have Harvey to stay at the moment, and the Lad is very happy to have him to be crazy with,
while Phil is knocking back Singapore Slings in Raffles.
Simon and So Yhoung have also been travelling in Jirisan in South Korea
and seeing flowers (like these gentians) and trees that have made the Food Lady and the Alph's feet itch.
I am just happy to be able to use his very comfy bed.

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