26 May 2009

The Wupperthal Sheepdog

They got into the Land Rover without us, and drove off leaving us with Simon. We couldn't understand why! When we should have been doing our Sunday walk, they were looking at paintings like these nightmarish monsters in the Cederberg. It would have been fun to have met this sheepdog in Wupperthal. All by itself it herded this sheep away from the front of the church. You can just see the dog on the right... ...now it's running across the doorway...

... making sure the sheep goes back to where it should be - in the veld.

I think this is what sheepdogs must have nightmares about. A herd of eland the humans saw on Travellers Rest farm in the Cederberg. Looking at the horns on some of them, I am not sure I would have liked to encounter them on a walk...
but we would have loved to CHASE these smug dassies!

19 May 2009


More sad news! Muffin, a poodle with a West Highland look about him, is also now in doggy heaven (which for Muffin, as for us, probably consists of lots and lots of squirrels and cats running around for us to chase). Our condolences to his family - especially to Honey, his adoptive sister who by all accounts is a little insecure at the best of times. And to Helen, Paul, Caroline and Katherine. Our humans send lots of love and are sorry that you are all so sad.

18 May 2009


We heard some sad news yesterday. An old friend (although I hardly knew her, my predecessor, Sam the labrador, had a thing for her) died suddenly of a tumour. She was Emma, a Maltese/terrier cross (the terrier part is where she got her attitude from). Emma was really almost human - just look at that amused expression!
We are all very sorry for her humans - Adrian and Megan - who are missing her terribly.

Green belt morning

They had difficulty getting up this morning even though the storm had finished. It was still misty, but not raining, and we eventually managed to persuade them to take us to the Greenbelt.
I love the Greenbelt because there are always lots of other dogs. Unfortunately Dougal was banned from going for being aggressive, but he has calmed down a bit and so we can go back every now and then. As long as he doesn't see James (the Schnauzer with too much attitude) we are fine.
There were lots of squirrels in the pine trees. Luckily no baboons or we might have had to have leads on again. Here we are trying to get to a bold and pesky squirrel.
One of our favourite walks.
Me being extricated from a disorder of dogs.
Home - and joy of joys - Sophie and another human girl called Savannah came to lunch. And luckily no baths today.

10 May 2009

Baboons - and dogs driving cars!

Just our humans and us this morning. We set out while the moon was still up, and walked around our vineyards which were looking good. this is me in front of the manor house.
And this is the back side of the Golden Boy in the golden light.

We heard lots of baboon noises, and then we saw this large furry baboon high up in a pine tree. Luckily for him he didn't try and tackle us for food which is what Cape Town's baboons are famous for doing. The Food Lady even put us on leads in case we went after him. After a hectic squirrel chase it was home, and a BATH. (We are still suffering from fleas.) Then they left us to go out to lunch with Omie and Opie D.
Omie Domes at the Driefontein Farm Restaurant near Greyton with an English Setter called Susie, and just look at that shameless Jack Russell on the floor!
There was a painting of Herman the restaurant owner and chef''s car with Susie-the-English Setter and another dog, a Bassett hound called Basjan driving. I wish I had been there, it sounds like a fun place for dogs! But I don't think Dougal and Basjan would have got on.

03 May 2009

Woodpeckers up Pecks

Almost back to normal this glorious May morning. Sue is back, so is Paul, and Lucy and Richard too. But Alice is not well and didn’t come. And neither did Thea – and here we are waiting for Thea who never came because of the cellphone and a sore foot, and the Alpha Male says he is now taking over the cellphone so he doesn’t have to be late. (The Foodlady is always late!)After a long slog up Pecks, Richard saw some rather noisy ground woodpeckers. These birds peck the ground and eat ants by digging into their nests and slurping them up with their long sticky tongues. Luckily they have no interest in eating Scotties.
Tea up on the top looking over False Bay. I was briefly let off the lead here. You can just see me behind the blonde Beach Boy. Dougal in his element - and me stuck on the lead. But I just can't help running on ahead.

The Foodlady found this sticky buchu plant called Macrostylis villosa – which doesn’t seem to have a common name but has funny long syles.
On the way back the hillside was covered with pretty pink Indigofera cytisoides flowers - also without a common name.