26 May 2009

The Wupperthal Sheepdog

They got into the Land Rover without us, and drove off leaving us with Simon. We couldn't understand why! When we should have been doing our Sunday walk, they were looking at paintings like these nightmarish monsters in the Cederberg. It would have been fun to have met this sheepdog in Wupperthal. All by itself it herded this sheep away from the front of the church. You can just see the dog on the right... ...now it's running across the doorway...

... making sure the sheep goes back to where it should be - in the veld.

I think this is what sheepdogs must have nightmares about. A herd of eland the humans saw on Travellers Rest farm in the Cederberg. Looking at the horns on some of them, I am not sure I would have liked to encounter them on a walk...
but we would have loved to CHASE these smug dassies!

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