Books about dogs

My best book - the story of Boots and Slippers, Ravager and Toby Dog.
A poignant short novella about a dog living in a poor peasant home in South Korea.
The Story of a scruffy Scottie from New Zealand.

Enzo the dog tells a racy story of his life.

Greyfriars Bobby - tear-jerker of note!

A book narrated by Flush, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning's Cocker Spaniel.

The harrowing tale of the yellow dog who saved his human from a ferocious bear.

The Food Lady's favourite book about Luath, Bodger and Tao.

Another harrowing story of a wolf-dog.

and its sequel about Buck, the sled dog who turns wild.

Another golden oldie.

The tale of Rowf and Snitter set in the English Lake District.
The all American German Shepherd.
And the classic Lassie!
Another classic, and one of the Food Lady's faves.
and its sequel in which Pongo and Missus go swooshing.
Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)
Mongrel: Essays by William Dicey