08 May 2017

Huffing and puffing at Daisy

Over the long weekend we went to Daisy. I wasn't feeling very well. In fact I haven't been feeling at all well lately. I just don't seem to have very much breath left in me and feel like I have been climbing Table Mountain all the time. But after we arrived, I felt a bit better. They have put up a fence so that we cant go foraging in the veld which made Laddie feel most indignant.
We went for a walk after unpacking and having a cup of tea - we were all feeling shell-shocked after the slow slow traffic all the way here. But it was Freedom Day after all so everyone was out and about.
So it was lovely to sink into the cool cool water of the southern tip of Africa.
There were lots of fishermen,
which meant lots of dead pajama sharks for me to scavenge. I may be feeling breathless but I still feel hungry.
Back home for supper and a relax,
and sundowners on the deck.
Quite a view!  
More walks in the morning,
and I managed to get quite a long way (although I was carried some of the way - its very far after all) along the beach.
Oh good, my favourite swimming beach.
Complete with shade - especially for little old me. It was a really really hot day.
The crazy boys just loved it too,
and Harvey was intrigued by the hermit crabs and silvery, slivery fish.
The Food Lady is reading a book on ants and took a photo of these ants eating some bits of dead pajama shark (thrown there by the unkind fishermen) to put on ispot.
Then afterwards it was back on the deck for some R&R with a view.
Harvey joined me.
We had a braai under the half moon - and you can just see a half Coco too.
We met some of the locals - a Boston Terrier called Flat Screen, with protective parents. I mean is he protecting me from Flat Screen or vice versa?
Then we found a Scottie in one of the houses too - but we couldn't find out her name. We had plenty of other things to say to each other - not all of them polite.
On Sunday it was the Food Lady's birthday and Ernest, father of Milly and Billy the black ladradorables, came to spend the day. We decided to show him our favourite swimming beach,
It wasn't a very hot day, so we didn't really feel like swimming,
but lots of running for the idiots,
and a shady spot for me to watch all the fun and games and try and catch my breath.
Soon it was time to pack up and leave again. Goodbye Daisy Cottage.
Goodbye Suiderstrand.
And heloooo traffic all the way home.
Luckily they managed to make it to Paul's 60th that night. Under the table at Honey and Pippin.


  1. Dear Coco
    I hope you're okay? I see you haven't posted in a while. I realise it's difficult and takes a long time to type out a blog post, with paws, but I hope to see a new post soon.

  2. So sorry to see sad news of Coco.
    Sending hugs.