10 May 2009

Baboons - and dogs driving cars!

Just our humans and us this morning. We set out while the moon was still up, and walked around our vineyards which were looking good. this is me in front of the manor house.
And this is the back side of the Golden Boy in the golden light.

We heard lots of baboon noises, and then we saw this large furry baboon high up in a pine tree. Luckily for him he didn't try and tackle us for food which is what Cape Town's baboons are famous for doing. The Food Lady even put us on leads in case we went after him. After a hectic squirrel chase it was home, and a BATH. (We are still suffering from fleas.) Then they left us to go out to lunch with Omie and Opie D.
Omie Domes at the Driefontein Farm Restaurant near Greyton with an English Setter called Susie, and just look at that shameless Jack Russell on the floor!
There was a painting of Herman the restaurant owner and chef''s car with Susie-the-English Setter and another dog, a Bassett hound called Basjan driving. I wish I had been there, it sounds like a fun place for dogs! But I don't think Dougal and Basjan would have got on.

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