18 May 2009

Green belt morning

They had difficulty getting up this morning even though the storm had finished. It was still misty, but not raining, and we eventually managed to persuade them to take us to the Greenbelt.
I love the Greenbelt because there are always lots of other dogs. Unfortunately Dougal was banned from going for being aggressive, but he has calmed down a bit and so we can go back every now and then. As long as he doesn't see James (the Schnauzer with too much attitude) we are fine.
There were lots of squirrels in the pine trees. Luckily no baboons or we might have had to have leads on again. Here we are trying to get to a bold and pesky squirrel.
One of our favourite walks.
Me being extricated from a disorder of dogs.
Home - and joy of joys - Sophie and another human girl called Savannah came to lunch. And luckily no baths today.

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