03 May 2009

Woodpeckers up Pecks

Almost back to normal this glorious May morning. Sue is back, so is Paul, and Lucy and Richard too. But Alice is not well and didn’t come. And neither did Thea – and here we are waiting for Thea who never came because of the cellphone and a sore foot, and the Alpha Male says he is now taking over the cellphone so he doesn’t have to be late. (The Foodlady is always late!)After a long slog up Pecks, Richard saw some rather noisy ground woodpeckers. These birds peck the ground and eat ants by digging into their nests and slurping them up with their long sticky tongues. Luckily they have no interest in eating Scotties.
Tea up on the top looking over False Bay. I was briefly let off the lead here. You can just see me behind the blonde Beach Boy. Dougal in his element - and me stuck on the lead. But I just can't help running on ahead.

The Foodlady found this sticky buchu plant called Macrostylis villosa – which doesn’t seem to have a common name but has funny long syles.
On the way back the hillside was covered with pretty pink Indigofera cytisoides flowers - also without a common name.

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