29 April 2009

A week away WITHOUT us

On your marks..... Get set....
These are the Robartes' dogs - Gambit (the MOST handsome)and the other Airedale Tombi, Tikki (the soprano-voiced Cairn terrier look-alike on the post below) and Snoopy (a Maltese-Jack Russell). Seeing I had no real wish to visit them at Lions River, they can be my blog pals. I hope they send me some messages through Tammy (one of my favourite humans in all the world).
The humans had great fun - picnics in the night - this is Tammy with the Snoopdog...

... shops - Tammy and a silly bull dog (there were no Scottie dogs in the shop apparently)...

and FANTASTIC mountain walkies. Its NOT fair.
PS. The Alpha Male is in this photo, he is just a speck in the distance - far ahead where he likes to be.

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