01 April 2009

April Fools Walk

Today we were allowed on the Foodlady’s Wednesday Walk. What a treat – I got to see Haj again although SHE kept me on the lead all the time too because of CAVES. We walked up from Boyes Drive and up and up some quite tough boulders for us.
We were not too keen to look in there with all the talk about boomslangs and devil's pits! There were lots of caves and even Dougal was on a lead in case he chased dassies into a cave. Apparently the caves are FULL of Jack Russell skeletons.

Most appropriately, as today is the 1st April, we saw lots of April Fool flowers in the board walk forest. The April Fool flower, Haemanthus coccineus is also called a paintbrush. Its spotted and barred stem distinguishes it from the other paintbrush that grows on the mountain.

The Wednesday Walkers walk fast and there is no tea and rusks. But the Foodlady snuck in a few photos of flowers. This tiny little flower is a protea, called the Peninsula silkypuff, Diastella divaricata ...
and this is a ninepin heath, Erica mammosa, in one of its many colours.

Back home and dreaming of walks on Table Mountain....

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