30 March 2009

Tammy and lots of fun

The Robartes were here for the weekend with TAMMY who I love. We had a really good time and went for a walk along the Woodcutter's Trail in Newlands Forest. Helen - Tammy's big sister - joined us too which was lovely as we haven't seen her since she left Cape Town a year and a bit ago. Here we are setting out - Dougal, the Alpha Male, me, Wyndham, Tammy, Helen and Gilly.

Tea in the Forest. I was allowed off the lead most of the way! And I managed to be well behaved until just at the end of the walk...

...when, as we were getting back to the car park, I tried to join another group of walkers with lots of interesting dogs who were just setting out. The Alpha Male chased me back!

The Foodlady tried to take some photos of this Cape Autumn Widow butterfly. Luckily she didnt get chased by the Alpha Male for lingering behind!

Sunday morning's stroll down Avery Avenue with Tammy.

I was so depressed when Tammy left at lunch time on Sunday that I didn't feel like eating my supper. (But I did in the end.)

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