02 March 2009

Cool ravine

They tried to slip out of the house without letting on where they were going but we knew. We are experts at mind-reading! But as it was already stiflingly hot at 6 am I was not too upset - I only got upset when Alice came and then I thought maybe even a hot walk with her was better than none, but they just rudely drove away with me shouting at the gate. Dougal told me to shut up and so we just dug in under the tree and waited till they came back 5 hours later! And all they did in those 5 hours was walk up Myburgh's to the waterfall, and back again. But judging by these photos, a lot of time was spent on photography. Paul was back this week and I was sorry to have missed seeing him. Sue and Richard and Lucy were also there.

Scaling cliffs like this is not my idea of fun!

Tea in the rocky ravine. A bit scrambly for scotties.

This is one of the red disas Disa uniflora that they all went to see. Looks a bit pale!

Lucy and Sue

Alice, my best!

Paul in the deep dark recesses of the ravine.

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