23 March 2009

Cool Pool and Doggy Heaven

There was some talk of leaving us behind because I might get too hot but luckily the Foodlady found a cool walk in the Walks with a Fat Dog book so we were allowed to come which is just as well becuase I had forgotten all about my misery last week in the heat. And anyway, it wasnt nearly as hot. With only Alice and our humans, we set off for Simon's Town without Simon but he didnt want to come to his town and stayed in bed.

With me allowed off the lead we shot up the steps to pay our respects to Just Nuisance and show Alice his grave. The humans had a look around the Old Signal School to see where the Hoerikwaggo Trail overnight hut was. Looks rather nice.

Then we headed down again with a view of Red Hill before us - lots of potential walks there!

There were a few of these white fluffy camphor bushes, Tarchonanthus littoralis in full fluff, looking a bit like giant Maltese poodles.

The humans think this is a parrot-beaked tortoise, Homopus areolatus but we think it is a ghost tortoise because we didn’t smell it. We went right past it! We were interested to hear that the famous wild mountain dog Tahr used to live here.

At the bottom of the steps we walked past some houses filled with invisible barking dogs. I think this must be close to Doggy Heaven – it is high up, there are lots of invisible dogs (even at the waterfall) and the smells are out of this world! Here is the Alpha Male checking his shoes for you-know-what!

Up in the kloof was the Cool Pool with the most heavenly doggy smells (I suppose the word Pool is partly composed of Poo) that were a bit overpowering for the humans who had to have tea a bit downstream.

Anticipating tea and rusks.
The path is very precipitous – hence even the Golden Boy being on the lead. (It looks a bit tatty because I periodically attack it!) Simon's town spread out below. They even had music laid on – although it was rather tinny and distorted for heavenly harps – wafting loudly up from the tatty naval buildings below.

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