21 April 2009

Stay-in-bed Sunday

Sunday was a wash out. Not only was the Food Lady sneezing and sniffing, but the weather was drizzly and cool. (Cool! I love a bit of cool and drizzle!) but they decided to go back to bed, and to add insult to injury, they then left us at home and went out to lunch - ALL AFTERNOON. But on Monday the FL relented and took us for a nice walk in the vinyards right up the side of the mountain. Here I am in the vinyards. The Swear Word Mountain (Vlakkenberg) in the back ground.
The Foodlady started photoraphing these brilliant orange Erica versicolor plants that were growing wild up here, right on the edge of the vinyards.
A pretty fountain bush, all washed in the rain from yesterday. It is a member of the Bruniaceae family but the FL doesn't know which one it is.
Almost still a bud - a green protea, Protea coronata. Lots of them grow up here too.

Down again, and we had a lovely time chasing the squirrels, and a Great Dane. We like this kind of weather! It makes me feel like ....biting Dougal.

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