05 April 2009

Misty mountain hike

Uh oh! Things not looking too good! The weather forecast was promising, but it was horribly humid when we set off up the mountain, and I almost gave up – hence the ignominy of being carried.
But luckily, tea and rusks and a lovely cool mist that suddenly crept up towards us on breakfast rock made everything better.

We made it to Camel Rock in record time, but there were so many other people there – including a monkey boy called Robbie who climbed up to the top – that we decided to retrace our steps and take a path to the side where we had a water stop and a rest on some fantastic rocks overlooking Orange Kloof.
Alice and the Alpha Male admiring the view…
…while we found some interesting droppings to sample in a crack in the rocks, and a few good lizard and mouse smells to investigate.

Scotties on the way home.
On the way down the jeep track and back into Cecilia Forest, we saw lots of dogs, including these two snauzers that are running away from Dougal because they could sense he didn’t like little dogs who think they own the mountain!
Pity they didn’t see this giant Scotty rock we came across earlier!

Foodlady found this little spider making short work of a Noctuid moth on a fonteinbos - Psorlalea aphylla. The spider is a Thomisidae (Crab spider) see http://www.biodiversityexplorer.org/arachnids/spiders/thomisidae/index.htm

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