03 April 2017

Autumn in the air

Everyone has been in rather a bad mood lately with lots of talk of greed and corruption and the Z-word followed by some bad language. So we were very happy to get out onto the mountain on Sunday with Sue and Honey and Siobhan from New Mexico (but originally from South Africa). Siobhan has two dogs but they are in the USA and couldn't come today.
It was a lovely warm autumn day, and I even found some water under the dry and dusty ferns and sedges. Can you spot the Scot?
The food lady also found some flowers - a late blooming Rooibergpypie (Tritoniopsis triticea) -
and the dead snowflake head of a Dilatris.
We walked from the carpark up the hill then down to the dam - (this is Siobhan's photo of me, Honey, Sue and the Phood Lady - many thanks!)
where we had tea and a few swims with the rest of Cape Town who had decided to come and picnic up here. You can see Sue, Siobhan and the Alph.
There were lots and lots of dogs.
Poor simple Lad was quite overwhelmed, or ubertudled as Norbert says.
and I had lots of Scottie-wades (we don't, as a rule, really like it when our feet are not touching the ground). This and the next photo are also from Siobhan.
Lad wishing he had the courage to launch into the water too.
Honey was happy to stay at Sue's feet.
And I went to look for treats from all and sundry.
Our German Pointer neighbours, Lily and Thembie, also arrived for a swim. At home we normally shout and swear at each other, but today, out on the mountain, we were best friends.
We then came home down the Riverwalk,
with some harbingers of autumn, Oxalis polyphylla, for the Food Lady to photograph.
Then it was back in the car
and home for a relax and a bite of breakfast for me 'n the Lad,
and gees and tees for the rest. (This photo of the Alph and the FL and the one of me stretching out above are also Siobhans.) So all in all, a lovely morning.

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