27 March 2017

Hark hark, the Scottie dogs do bark

Come on dudes - time to wake up!
We are all waiting ...
At long last we arrived on Fish Hoek beach for the Scottie Walk. This time last year the Food Lady was hobbling around on a broken foot and this year it is Mac and Kenzie's mom's turn.
But no time for commiserating and admiring Mac's beautiful red bow tie - or Estea in her cricket whites -
 we were all most anxious to get walking.
There were puppies (eeeuw), like this one called Bonnie,
and lots and lots of crazy Scotties - this is Emma -
as well as other dogs that Lad and Harvey were keen to get to know better even if the sentiments were not returned.
One of the humans was even wearing a kilt.
I was wearing my bandana from Renate - Hamish and Findlay's mom,
as were several others. (This photo from Jenny-Lynne Brown Mynhardt.)
The highlight of the walks are the treats that get handed out!
Lad and one of his many loves, Lily.
but watch out Lad, these are just three of Lily's big brothers and sisters.
The Food Lady with me - I am not sure why I was on the lead but maybe the Food Lady thought I would wander off and get lost again. Sometimes I just can't help it. My nose just leads me astray. (Photo by Jenny-Lynne Brown Mynhardt from the Scotties Cape Town Facebook page.)
Then we bumped into Storm who we used to walk with at Wynberg Boys High School,
and her sister Sandy. It was good to say hello to them again.
All too soon we were at the end of the walk. Waiting to say goodbye and to collect donations for the charity of the walk, Tin Can Town, were Angus and Baillie with their humans, Melanie and Le Roux,
and my friend, old Mac who had a sore foot today as he has a torn toenail and had to have it in a plastic bag to keep it dry. Like me, he enjoys his snacks.
Angus and Baillie with Melanie and Le Roux, Snippie with Irene and Mac with Pam.
We then went to see Omie Domes and discovered that Maddie had been quite badly bitten in the stomach by the next door dog and had just come back from the hospital with a fancy pink bandage on. Tomorrow she needs to go for an operation so we are all sending her lots of doggy support vibes.
I spent the rest of the morning shouting rude names at the next door dog on Maddie's behalf.

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