21 March 2017

The Cancelled Cycle Tour Walk in the Woods

Two Sundays ago we said goodbye to the Alph who set out in a high wind to ride his bike with 35-thousand other cyclists.
We had just seen him off with lots of barks, when he came home again with the news that the tour had been cancelled as the wind was just too fierce, and there were fires in Hout Bay and protests in Kommetjie.
So we went for a walk in the Constantia greenbelt which is always pretty wind-free.
Tails up!
Lad has been taking lessons in tree climbing from Harvey.
A delicious cooling swim,
followed by a good roll in the dust.
We crossed to the section below Kirstenbosch,
where we met some of the cancelled cyclists in full Cape Town Cycle Tour regalia.
Laddie had lots of things to chase,
but I just plodded on.
There were not too many flowers out, but the Australian cherries (Syzygium) were in full bloom.
After we found Laddie again (he had disappeared after a cat into the thick bush), we re-crossed back into the normal greenbelt
for a last swim before getting back into the car,
and driving home past the lifelike rhino in Peter Cloete Avenue. Time for breakfast please!

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