26 February 2017

Blowin' in the wind

Today was a Scottie Walk. I love Scottie Walks because I always get treats from kind people, unlike the mean Food Lady and Alph who have plans to starve me to death. We met a new Scottie today called Skye - and her Yorkie friend Mika.
And heloooo to my buddy Mac. We gave Mac a birthday gift because he has just turned 15. The Food Lady had a packet of goodies for him. So I must now wait another four and a half years before I get a packet of treats. Not fair!
Young Mac was there and was really happy to see the Lad. He was quite submissive to the crazy Lad who was flattered, and a bit flustered, that anyone took him seriously. (Two dogs take him seriously - Jango the Bulldog from Fish Hoek and Mac).
The beach was really windy - with kite surfers having a great day sweeping up and down in the surf.
But even though it was windy, our tails are up - but not Mac's. Follow me Mac, and we will find a kind person with treats for us.
The Scottie invasion of Dolphin Beach.
Laddie was very smitten with Milo and would not leave her alone.
And here come the rainbow Scotties,
who have all the colours of the Scottie spectrum covered - from wheaten (the crazy pup Lily) through gold and silver brindle, to black.
Very handsome dudes indeed. Pity I am not years younger! But now I am not interested in boys, just food.
We all attracted a lot of attention and one lady (in the pink jersey) took a photo of us for a photo competition in Australia. Sadly she had no treats for us.
But could there be a treat in that packet for me?
Estea and Irene were not here today, so Melanie was the Boss Lady. Here are her two crazies - Angus and Baillie - running in the wind.
We turned around after a while.
I must say I preferred the walk back with the wind behind me. Not so much sand in my eyes.
"I have a little shadow ..." Falling in behind old Mac.
Laddie was still annoying poor Milo,
and Melanie trying to tire out her two Scots, 
while the oldies just looked on. This handsome fellow, Jock, is also fifteen years old.
Seeing triple.
Then we made it up the beach to the cars with the wind swirling and buffeting. Now please can I have my lunch oh Food Lady.

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