06 February 2017

Along Long Beach

This morning we arranged to walk along Long Beach, Kommetjie, so that we could link up with the Alph after his cycle around the peninsula. We got there a bit early and did a short walk down the milkwood tree-lined road in Kommetjie,
and onto a boardwalk at Skilpadsvlei.
Even though the board next to the boardwalk said dogs were allowed, the Food Lady wouldn't let us off our leads to chase hadedas and other dogs.
She said I was getting deaf and couldn't be trusted to come back. Huh!
So she looked at all the restios and sedges like these Ficinia nodosa plants that Laddie thoughtfully enriched with urea.
On the way back we saw some surfer gels walking down the milkwood road. We thought we wouldn't mind living here. It seems like paradise.
We then met Sue and Honey, Claire from England, and Pauline, and set off on our long walk along Long Beach where there were surfers in the sea, and kids in the surf,
and dogs on the cold cold water's edge. Honey really is not into other dogs like us.
I didn't want to share my new friends' love (and possible treats) with this whippersnapper Yorkie pup.
We walked all the way to the lagoon, past some cormorants and gulls and tremendous views. 
Then it was a long debate as to where to have Sue's birthday tea.
While they were discussing matters, Laddie went for a swim in the lagoon and a roll on the deliciously green and frothy edge. It was a bit far for me as I am definitely feeling my 10 and a half years these days.
On the way to the perfect tea spot we ran into another Scottie called Maisie. Laddie was instantly smitten. I just said to her that if there were any treats going I had first dibs. She was quite understanding and said "Be my guest."
I think Maisie rather liked Honey, even though Honey had to snap her teeth at her a few times.
Maisie's mom made a fuss of us both, and Laddie was quite embarrassingly soppy. I maintained a suitable standoffishness.
Back through the wonderfully stinky kelp. Note that I am on the lead to stop me eating too much. Such indignity.
Suddenly Laddie picked up a scent. What could it be?
Why, it was the Alph, back from his ride and coming to join us for tea and bubbles. We were overjoyed to see him.
Tea on Long Beach, Pauline, Claire, the Alph, Sue and Honey. A slightly belated happy birthday for Sue, 
with bubbles at sea-level - the lowest we have sunk to!
Laddie sporting his lagoon-green mud beads in his face hair.
I don't think this Bulldog is liking what he smells. Yikes, better move on.
Talk to the tail Mr Bulldog!
A sashay to the right,
and I am in step with my silly Lad friend who is always there for me. Life is good.

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