26 February 2017

Catch up

Just a quick catch-up of the last fortnight. We have had a busy time. Harvey came to stay once or twice which we love. He and Lad play with the shoo-shoo toy, one chews and the other wants it, then they swap roles (usually a momentary lapse in concentration on the part of the "owner") and one chews while the other wants it.
They also steal the blankets sometimes to do a tug-o-war.
We have had lots of lovely cool walks in the Constantia greenbelt,
mostly with Margie, Rupert and Paddy.
One day Harvey disgraced himself and chased these horses. Luckily no one was maimed or fell off but the Food Lady was embarrassed.
Harvey looking out for Hadedas in the garden.
Me looking out for the neighbour's cat in Fish Hoek where we walk most Fridays.
Harvey extending the paw of friendship to the spaniels of Fish Hoek.
Simon went to Japan with So Yhoung and sent us lots of lovely photos. The Food Lady asked him to send pics of gardens,
which he did. This is the White Egret Castle in Kobe.
A lovely mossy bank,
and a wintry blossom tree.
Oh no - what is this! I would also be shouting my head off if a cat sat on me.
Simon and So Yhoung sampling sake - or maybe tea.
When in Japan, do as the Japanese do: Simon in a Japanese guesthouses.
And in Fukuoka they found a dog accessory store. Not sure if I would like to carry my own back pack, but if it was filled with treats, I might manage it.
This is the statue in the Peace Park in Nagasaki where the atomic bomb landed.
Mount Aso in Beppu in Kyushu, 
and beautiful but snary volcanic landscapes in Kyushu.
And all the while Simon and So Yhoung were being tourists in Japan (this is the Yufuin no Mori train),  
the Alph was working hard to paint the inside of Daisy cottage in Agulhas,
while the Food Lady took photos of ants,
and birds. These Cape Spurfowl would NEVER have ventured so close to the house if us Scotties had been on duty! We just love to chase them over the hill and into the blue yonder - shrieking and screaming as we go.
But we were left at home so that we wouldn't distract the Food Lady from her gardening and cleaning chores. Huh!
They came home again, and immediately went out to say hello to Lucy-the-vet and her mom and dad, Joan and Alan. Sue was also there. But we are getting used to being left behind.
They also left us behind to say goodbye to Lydia who was going back to New Zealand. Helen was there too and she promises to start the Saturday walks again when the weather cools down.
So there you have it. Now where is my supper oh Food Lady!

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