14 February 2017

Tall, tall trees

On Sunday the Alph went cycling in a drizzle and we met Thea and Tessa and Sue and Honey in the tall dark forest of Newlands. We were not sure what this notice was trying to tell us, but the Food Lady said it looks like what is going on inside her head most of the time. 
I enjoyed the cool water of the mountain pools,
and the food lady found some flowers - Blue Salvia (Salvia chamelaeagnea) under the trees. Actually Sue and Thea drew her attention to them.
But she did spot this Rain Spider guarding her nest.
We were very grateful for the misty, damp morning - perfect Scottie weather after all the heat and wind.
In fact it made Tessa and Laddie go crazy,
but me and Honey just plodded on - admittedly my tail was higher.
Into the deep dark forest - past these lovely bracken ferns (Pteridium aquilinum).
They had to duck under the trees sometimes, unlike me. This is a Wild Almond (Brabejum stellatifolium).
Laddie running to catch up under the Wild Almonds.
At the end we discovered that we had accidently left the Woodcutters for Pixie Littlewort's trail. We were sorry when it was time to get into the car and go home 'cause we could have walked in this forest for hours. 

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