29 January 2017

The wig, wig, wiggle, wiggle, waggle o' the kilt

A Scottie Walk you say? Now?
Did I hear you say "Scottie Walk"? Better get up then.
We are all waiting ...
We walked through the Green Point Urban Park towards the lighthouse where we normally meet Gordon and David and Luna,
past some large footprints that smelled like Rock Monsters who had escaped from the mountain during the night and came down to the sea.
Then we came across Mac and Abigail in their special doggy pushchairs,
with Irene and Snippie and Pam,
and Estea with a toy Scottie called Fergus who is travelling the world.
Laddie found a friend who rather fancied him for a change. Yuk! Soppy dogs.
It was a lovely day and we wiggled and waggled our kilts along the promenade while para-gliders fell from the sky. 
Lots of peeps were in the sea but every beach we came to said "NO DOGS ALLOWED!" I was sad as I just love to dip my hot tummy into the cold cold sea.
There was lots happening as we walked past,
and lots of new puppies to meet. This is Scott the puppy, with Dougal and his Jack Russell brother called Luigi (I think).
Jock at the foot of the Pink Poodle/Piddle bench.
And is this another puppy? No, its just Fergus. (Read all about this Scotty toy with itchy feet here.)
We also met Tessa who is Haggis's new sister.
And Harvey found a friend too. They played and chased and ran crazily for a few minutes,
then Harvey came back to the Scotty Walk for more attention. What a crazy dog he is.
Can we have a piddle on the Pink Poodle/Piddle bench pleeeez. Harvey is asking.
But, like most fun things, the answer was NO!. But we had a lovely walk even though we were hot and tired when we went home to find the Alph had returned from his ride, also hot but not too tired.

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