20 January 2017

Peacocks and other noises

Last Sunday we walked in the Contantia Greenbelt. While we waited for Pauline, Honey and Sue, the Food Lady and me and Lad watched the antics of these two hungry "Mystery Buzzard" chicks shouting at their parents for food high up in the tall trees.
Now I can identify with that as I do the same at supper time. 
In fact I did a bit of scrounging myself from the bin that hasn't been emptied for over a month. Such is life in the leafy lanes. There is even a delightfully stinky dead squirrel in there.
Anyway, when Pauline arrived we set off up our normal greenbelt path, then the Food Lady put our leads on and we crossed the road where we came across a signpost to Kirstenbosch. "Shall we try it?" said the Lad. I just kept my normal po-face.
For part of the way there was a big eclectic scary fence.  
But it soon opened up and we went up a fynbos and Silver Tree-lined road,
where we saw a ghost dog that disappeared down a green tunnel.
 Further down, we found a little door in the tree,
which Pauline opened to look inside but no-one was home.
We then crossed another road, and headed back up the mountain.
Everyone was feeling hot, even though it was mizzling a bit, so we found a good tea spot under a big oak tree: me, Pauline, Lad, Honey and Sue.
We watched some walkers pass,
and some Common Waxbills in the meadow.
Then we went back to the car, and had to run the gauntlet of a meeting of champagne-quaffing riders and their quick-hoofed mounts. Honey was not happy and I escaped a swift kick from a particularly annoying horse with a rather loud and shrieky rider!  
Then we nearly ran over a great blue bird that scuttled across the road in front of the car and into the greenbelt. It was making much the same noise as the riders we had just passed so maybe it was hurrying to join what it thought was its friends having fun without him.
For more about the Greenbelt walks, click here.

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