05 August 2013

Stappies up Trappies and hunks of ham

What? Walkies you say? With Maddie and Honey? Do I want to come? Are you kidding?
We parked in Kalk Bay - as the Alf doesn't trust the skollies up on Boyes Drive where the Land Rover AND Robbie's car were broken into not so long ago. Then we walked up with Sue and Honey, Alice and Maddie, and Thea, through the cobbled streets of Kalk Bay (could that be a skolly shadow I see on the right?),
and didn't really have time to ponder the absence of Dougal as the Alf urged us on ...
and up Echo Valley - turning left at the second path till we came to the Rock Arch. Here are Maddie and me waiting for everyone to catch up.
Going through the Rock Arch cave - with Fish Hoek in the distance.
Sue and Honey in the cave.
And this is the Food Lady's restio. She thinks its Elegia juncea.
Teatime in the fynbos overlooking Fish Hoek valley with delicious prosciutto, or was it Serrano? ham sandwiches from Thea, divine crunchies from Sue and a great big bar of Toblerone from Alice. (Not that we black dogs had anything but dog biscuits.) Thea, Honey, Sue, the Alph, Maddie's backside and Alice.
Another hill to conquer: Trappieskop.
On the way the Foodlady saw: Metalasia divergens,
Thesium viridifolium,
a really pretty little Common Babiana (Babiana ambigua),
and the tiny flowers of the Confetti Bush (Coleoenema album) that was just starting to blossom. Spring is most definitely in the air. 
The view from the top of Trappieskop looking over Fish Hoek where our human cousins were having fun on their Malibu boards.
Three Black Dogs on top! Admiring the view from the beacon on the top of Trappieskop.
And lets look over the other way too. (Actually, we were checking for dassies and baboons.)
When we got all the way down again, we went for beers and tapas in Kalk Bay at La Parada, and on the way we encountered a dog that was really really wired,
as well as some literary offerings on the pavement.
La Parada is my kind of shop - just check at what is hanging from the ceiling! Legs of ham. (This is not the FL's photo - its from a cool blog that you can read by clicking here. The Phood Lady's was too blurred to use.)
Cheers. Me and Honey were under the table - and judging by the blurry photo, maybe the Phood Lady was too! Maddie had gone for a swim with Alice. Just as well as Alice is a vegetarian, but apparently these hams are all ethically sourced from Karoo free-range pigs.

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