28 July 2013

Me n Maddie explore Mimetes Valley

Meeting Maddie this morning for a rather chilly and wet walk up into the Kalk Bay mountains. We are only two black dogs today as Honey couldn't come. 
While it rained we sheltered in the car and watched some surfers surfing in the rainbow. It certainly banished some of our blues for a while.
When the rain stopped we crossed the road and entered the deep dark forest
where we found a delightfully stinky Stinkhorn fungus; no rolling was allowed though.
Onwards and upwards we trotted - me and Maddie upfront,
past this scrambling Tar Pea (Bolusafra bituminosa) and lots more pretty flowers for the Food Lady.
Uh oh, RAIN! Blowing in from the sea.
But in the other side, the rainbow.
Mimetes Valley is full of these Mimetes flowers
and bushes.
It started to rain so we ducked into Muizenberg Cave for tea and shelter,
but eventually we had to get going - and wet.
But not for long, luckily, because the Food Lady had started to moan about her wet shoes.
A cheerful red stem on a protea - we wondered if this was normal.
Down the road to the Dog Rock path.
The Food Lady has decided to try and identify one restio per walk and the one today - complete with stick insect - is the Cushion Restio (Elegia stipularis).
Almost down and still dry.

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