15 July 2013

Us three black dogs

This morning on Steenberg I had lots to tell my best friend Maddie - about how Dougal is no longer with us, and how different things are. She was sorry 
and said to follow her and Alice up the mountain.
A little way up we met Honey who had arrived a bit earlier with Sue and Leanne and started walking. Honey is still not wanting to be friends, but at least she isn't showing her teeth and snapping anymore so I think she will be friends soon and then we can be the Three Black Dogs on Table Mountain.
Some spectacular Waboom flowers (Protea nitida) on the slopes of Steenberg.
I practiced being a mountaineering Black Dog,
while the Food Lady admired the Peninsula Silkypuff (Diastella divaricata subsp. divaricata ).
It was really cold - even in the sun - so we had a short tea. The Food Lady has lost her tea-packet and had forgotten to pack dog biscuits but luckily Sue and Alice had some for me. Here are Honey, Leanne, Sue, Maddie, Alice and the Alf - all looking rather chilly. Paul was also there but he was hidden behind the rocks.
The Rock Monsters were about up there on the SteenbergPlateau
and I was a little worried, but not all that much now that Dougal isn't here to make being scared fun.
And that one is just plain ugly!
The Alf had gone ahead to fetch the Land Rover which had to be parked up the road and he was waiting for us when we came down to the Wolfkop Carpark. All of us three black dogs climbed into the back together which was fun. I LOVE being part of a pack.
Back at home, Philip popped in and had lunch with us which was fun. Here he is about to jet back to Jozi and Kerryn. Then it was back to the kennel and sleep again.

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