01 July 2013

Mountain memories and baboon smells

I am a very lonely and confused little dog. Dougal is still not back, and everyone is so sad.
But I was happy when we went for a walk on Sunday with Paul and Philippe from down the road. We went to the Swear-word-we-cannot-say Mountain.
There were fluffy flowers (Phylica pubescens) at the start, which reminded me of Dougal's silky smooth fluffy hair,
and these September bushes (Polygala myrtifolia) with fluffy ears like Doog's.
Erica abietina subsp. constantiana reminded us of the Devils Heath we saw last week when Dougal was with us and hunting for rodents under them.
Doogs, I WISH you were here. I am a bit lost without you.
I think Paul was a bit lost too, he didn't want to go any further and stayed behind to be with his thoughts and take photos. I didn't like leaving him all alone.
Philippe and the Alf and me. On top of the Swearword Peak.
Just checking to see if Paul was ok. Life is a bit confusing these days.
A beautiful King Protea (Protea cynaroides) in the path cheered us up a bit,
and some happy red Anaxeton laeve flowers.
Striking out in the direction of the Constantiaberg mast to find a path that the Alph once rode his mountain bike along.
We dipped down an interesting looking path and found lots of mushrooms, but no fairies came out to play. They must be sad too. Philippe wondered if they were edible ...
Tea time with me, the Alf and Philippe - with the Swearword-we-can't- say peak in the background. Still looking out for Doogs.
We walked along a wet mountain bike track and came out above the vineyards where I know the baboons live. In fact, I am sure I could smell them, and that makes me feel a little crazy-mad.
We couldn't get down to the baboons, so we had to trace our path back along the mountain bike road, minding out for the cheerful cyclists who all shouted hello to me.
Philippe and me balancing on the board walk over the clicking and peeping frogs.
We short-cutted the Swearword peak and came out at the top where we had a good view of the silvertree forest. They are Leucadenron argenteum trees the Food Layd says, that like to grow on granite soils, and this forest is the most southerly-occurring population of these engangered trees.
Pretty soon we were in amongst them, all shimmering and silvery and the air was filled with baboon smells too, but before I could find them, the Alph had me on a lead till we got to the car.
Saying goodbye to Philippe who came on his motorbike. I sometimes chase motorbikes (especially the postman's), but the Food Lady is being a bit over-protective so I knew I wouldn't get very far if I tried today.

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  1. I'm sure Dougal is there, having fun with you... Even if you can't see him... <3