18 July 2013

Remembering Doogs

The first photo Simon took of Dougal. March 2003. Simon wanted a scotty because he rather liked the Mendelsohn's scotty, Macky. So Odette put the Food Lady in touch with Lila Roberts, and Dougal came into their lives. (Then me, three years later.) 
Dougal playing with Sam.
"Me and mini-me." Tombi looking on in disgust.
Wrestling with Sam.
Sleeping on the Food Lady's hiking sandals.
One ear up.
Playing with Tombi
Diggy earns his nickname.
Fighting with the soccer goal net.
Watching Sam. But Dougal always hated water.
With Simon.
With Phil. Digs looking a bit shaggy before his first hair cut.
After the first hair cut - and about to roll in the garden to get comfortable again.
Happy times.

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