15 July 2013

Dear Coco

I hope you and Simon and Leticia are well. I hear that it is quite hot in Cape Town. It is quite cool here - and we have had a few showers. But that didnt stop the gels from making delicious pancakes for breakfast.
We were watched from the tree tops by these Samango monkeys. They look like vervets but don't have black faces and they make the oddest noise that would drive you crazy Coco!
Puddles of rain water - and the Alf's bag got soaked so we are feeling a bit damp at the moment. We went for a walk,
but soon retreated to the Loggerhead Pub
and ate some delicious barracuda fish for supper at the restaurant.
Our last full day in Moz - starting with breakfast on the beach in the intermittant rain,
which we tried to ignore.
Playing on the stormy beach.
We went for a drive up the coast to try and find somewhere to snorkel, and came across this fancy place called Ponta Mamoli which costs R4000 per person per night. We decided it had no intrinsic character and could actually be anywhere in the world and we preferred our campsite -  although the girls didn't quite agree.
A last night beer at the Dive Camp pub. Much much nicer than that sanitized Mamoli place!
Gilly, Wyndham and Tammy.
Tammy looking like a filmstar!
Lauren, Wyndham, Gilly and Tammy.
Cameron, Alison and Samantha.
Our last braai. Luckily the rain stopped.
Accompanied by an appropriately named wine.
Friday - and time to pack up.
Good bye beach.
Hitting the road.
Good bye spiny Monkey Orange trees.
The border - and a trouble free exit.
I wish our supermarket looked like this one near Kosi Bay!
Driving behind the landrover and its trailer through the fever trees shortly before
the tyre had an almighty blow-out on the busy road to Durban. What could have been an absolute disaster, very luckily, ended with everyone completely unhurt and the car in one piece - bar a wrecked tyre.
It was nice to get home to a glowering cat, Simon and you, my little Coco-darling, but terribly sad that Dougal wasn't there to dance around us in welcome.
And back in KZN, one of the Robartes's cows dropped her calf (or rather had it pulled out with ropes) and here is Tammy with the latest addition to the family.
Ok Coco, we are back to normal again in chilly and windy old Cape Town!
love the Food Lady

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