28 June 2013

Finish for always about Dougal and me and all those times

I am a bit bewildered at the moment. Dougal, my friend and big brother has gone. He was breathing badly in the night and I called out to the humans to come. They did, and tried to help him, but he was panting and panting and the Food Lady put him in her bedroom. I got on the bed and then Dougal tried to get up too and the Food Lady lifted him and we all tried to comfort him but he breathed and coughed worse and worse and then he lay still and there was lots of crying. He lay and lay and didn't get up, and then the Alph covered him and wrapped him in soft blankets and they carried them to the kennel when it got light, but there was no Dougal there anymore, just a cold body. They dug a big hole near the shed where Dougal and I go hunting for lizards, and put the empty body inside and covered it up. I don't understand. I tried to call to him to run to the garbage truck coming up the road, or to chase the pesky Jack Russell from down the road away, or to shout rude words at the postman's motorbike, but no Dougal came and I don't know where he has gone.
Dougal walking with the Alph on Table Mountain.
I am like Boots, the Scotty in my best book Thy Servant a Dog when his hound friend, Ravager, goes to sleep and doesn't wake up and Harry with Spade "digged and put under like bone." Boots says "Please, this is finish for always about Ravager and me all all those times. Please, I am very small mis'able dog ! ... I do not understand ! ... I do not understand. !"
The Food Lady suggests you read this poem on the blog, but I don't understand it becuase she and the Alph and our two human brothers gave us their hearts and we don't want to tear them, its just that we don't live as long as them. I just do not understand ...

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  1. Anonymous30 June, 2013

    I am so dreadfully sorry for your loss. A dear chicken has just lost her friend too over on Life with the ExBatts and needs extra attention. I hope you feel better soon.