23 June 2013

Dear Coco

Early early on Thursday morning we set out for Rooibosrand Dam where we were going on a walk with Paul Mgiba and his colleage Shadrack.
Early morning on the dam - with whistling White-faced  Ducks,
This is our intrepid group setting off around the dam. It was just so lovely - better even than the times we had in the swamps.
Keeping a wary eye out for elephants.
A surprised group of impalas.
Paul looking at spoor. He saw some human footprints that he was not happy about - maybe rhino poachers? But no, there are no rhinos in this area.
Some armoured ground crickets that you would have liked to crunch up Coco.
And some little Veld Violets (Aptosimum lineare var. lineare).
On and on ...
More waterbirds - including herons and
this little African Jacana on the crispy-edged leaves of Nile Waterlilies (Nymphaea lotus),
and more noisy White-breated Cormorants.
We stopped on the dam wall for a snack,
and a photo of us,
and Shadrack and Paul.
Then all too soon it was back in the car and
home for a cup of tea and Gordon's banana bread, a stroll around the camp and
lunch with cheese and mussels on provitas, with crisp white wine.
Later on that afternoon we did a day drive along the road that we had done in the dark the night before, past the lonely croc,
past lots of glowing red pods from the Purple-Pod Terminalia (Terminalia prunioides) trees,
past bright orange and green White-fronted Bee-eaters,
and bright orange Simons on Tshanga hill
where we went for sundowners. 
A glorious day - finished off with a glorious braai with butternuts and onions.
This is a great spot, and the only thing that's missing is you and Doog. Hope you are being well behaved.
Love from the Food Lady.

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