18 June 2013

Dear Coco

We had a comfortable night in our tents even if it was a little chilly. I had a good view of a Honey Badger that was badgering Phil and Si and Kerryn by cleaning up everything on their veranda of their tent. We needed you two here to bark and chase them away. I wanted to buy a soft toy for Simon but there were none so we have to make do with this photo of one. 
We went for an early morning game drive, stopping for tea at Bobbejaanskrans viewing site thanks to Kerryn's planning and magical picnic bag. Here are Simon and the Alph in amongst some spectacular winter-flowering Aloe lutescens.
There were lots of noisy squirrels - and we thought of how you and Dougal would enjoy chasing them.
Kerryn stood us to a wonderful brunch at Satara Camp, which was where we heard the sad news that Dawnie had collapsed and had to be dispatched to doggie heaven. Poor Dawnie. I was sorry not to be there to help her. At least she had a nice last walk round the block the day we left for Johannesburg. I will miss her.
We saw lots of interesting animals like this Yellow-billed Hornbill,
and a one-tusked elephant with a rather menacing snary look!
Back at Tamboti, we did a bit of relaxing and reading.
Kerryn was reading a book about game rangers and their dogs in the Kruger Park. This was a mad boxer who had lots of adventures.
One more night in our fantastic tent, then tomorrow we are off to our bushveld camp.
Sleep tight scots, and don't miss Dawnie too much. I am sure she is having a lovely sleep in doggy heaven - away from all the rain and cold that you are having in Cape Town.
love from the FL xx

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