24 June 2013

A wet and wintry walk

At last. I have had a bit of trouble getting the Food Lady to help me put these photos on my blog as she has been rather busy with other stuff. She is a bit of a bore these days - nose always in the computer looking at places in faraway Cornwall and Wales. (She is planning on deserting us and the Alf for 3 weeks in September if she ever gets this most complicated and complex and time-consuming and angst-creating UK visa sorted out!) Now I need to do a bit of catching up and I am not sure our collective memories will be up to the job! Anyway, two Sundays ago, on the 9th June, we had an early start as it was Olivia's 18th  birthday brunch so we had to do a short walk so that they could get to it on time. We decided to do a short circuit at Silvermine Dam. Sunrise from Ou Kaapse Weg.
We met Grant and several young trailblazers waiting to go on an adventure, and Grant said that we scotties could become honorary trailblazers too. We would like that and look forward to some adventuring.
Sue met us there, with Honey, but Paul and Pauline were having burglar alarm troubles and said not to wait so we set off up the splashy wet path.
We branched off the path to the spectacular lookout point over Long Beach, and as you all know, I do love a good lookout point!
We decided to have a short coffee break  
with us dogs on leads as it was too precipitous for the Alf and the Food Lady to cope with. We can't quite understand why they are so nervous, as our track record of chasing dassies and baboons in precipitous places is pretty good - after all, we are still here to tell tales of exciting chases.
Down we came,
and I think that Sue should be on a lead too! She and the Food Lady were trying to identify some large dark bird with red legs. (Unsuccessfully - although the FL thought it might be a Pale Chanting Goshawk but they don't seem to occur here.)
Come on, come on! You are being left behind oh Food Lady.
Just a quick shot of these pretty Rice Heaths (Erica lutea).
Another spectacular view - coming back on the Amphitheatre Path. We bumped into Paul and Pauline who had sorted out their burglar alarm and joined us.
Silver and gold Slangbos (Seriphium plumosum).
Pretty pink Zyrphelis taxifolia daisies.
On the way down we met a lot of dachshunds - but they were quite snooty.
There were lots of frog noises along the path back to the cars as it had been rather rainy and everywhere was watery ...
which we all rather enjoy and spent a lot of time sniffing and listening - putting off the evil hour when we had to go home.
 They all then went to Olivia's party in the winter sun - here is the birthday girl with a friend, Brindi, having a lot of fun while we sat at home in the kennel,
and Rupert dug up the lawn at the party,
and Charlie went for a swim.

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