26 August 2013

Two black dogs meander through the mimetes

Today we walked up Steenberg Peak again. Its quite a pull, and I find it difficult to keep up with my idol, Maddie the Big and Beautiful Bouvier. It was just Alice, Maddie and us three today: Thea opted to stay in bed with Ruth Ozeki, Paul is doing chores, Pauline has a back and Sue is in the far north. And THE PEST stayed at home.
There were some crazy rock climbers out and about as we puffed our way up to Steenberg Plateau
past some Hangertjies (Erica plukenetii) and
on the other side, some Green Sticky Heaths (Erica urna-viridis).
We walked all the way to Muizenberg Peak. Here are us two black dogs and Alice on the top.
There were lots and lots of teeny tiny ericas, like this Wind Heath (Erica hispidula) with its protruding stigmas for catching pollen on the wind. (Hispidula refers to its hairy stems and means "with bristles" in Latin).
And, taking a stab at identification of the restios, today's Restio of the Week is the Tall Tasselreed (Staberoha banksii). (The male plant. Ahem.)
A fat leathery Bark Spider (Caerostris). I swear it was looking at us with a cat-like face - just asking to be bitten in two. Lucky for it, it was out of my reach.
There is still water everywhere - perfect for hot black dogs!
Meandering through the mimetes. These are Tree Pagodas (Mimetes fimbriifolius) that are only found on Table Mountain and nowhere else in the whole wide world (if you discount garden-grown ones of course).
The top of the mountain is full of them, and golden leucadendrons too.
The oddly named Chrysocoma coma-aurea or Golden Bitterbush just starting to flower.
Through a narrow gorge we went,
and down a sandy path,
past this impressive Gladiolus tristis flowering near the loo at the Wolfkop Carpark.
Back home I tried to get THE PEST to start behaving in a manner befitting a Scottie. Get off the compost heap at once! And you are NOT going to bite me again. (I am putting the wheelbarrow between us to make sure.)
Digging in a companionable truce for the moment.
Hey, come back with my carrot! PEST!
I think I will join the Alph and the Food Lady as THE PEST is driving me to drink.

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