28 December 2008

Burrs, pines and a lazy Sunday

Today - Sunday - was spent with the humans lying in bed and reading till noon. It was thundering a bit and Dougal was on the bed too (shivering!). Then we went for a walk around the block after the rain, which was fun because there were lots of puddles and smells.
Last Sunday we went for a walk in Cecilia forest, but it was quite hot. We saw lots of blue flowers and the Food Lady was a bit sad because she dropped her camera the other day and broke it and the shop says they can't repair it. She was using Simon's camera which is not very good. Here are two pictures of a blue sceptre (Aristea capitata) and comb flower (Micranthus alopecuroides) both growing in the pine plantations.

The previous Sunday we went to Daisy (a house) and got COVERED in burrs. Here is a photo of Dougal full of burrs. We went for a nice walk up the hill behind the house, and the Foodlady took lots of photos (before the camera broke) including these funny brown flowers called Jamesbrittenia albomarginata. (James is the name of Dougals worst enemy - a black schnauzer with too much attitude.)

08 December 2008

Mr Gus, kids and a train with a face

Although we didnt get to go for a walk yesterday, it was a FANTASTIC day. It was Gabriels birthday so there was lots of action. Firstly, a train with a face arrived - YAY wheels to chase. Then lots of kids arrived - YAY food and fun, and then, joy of joys, Mr GUS arrived.

I LOVE Mr Gus.

Dougal tried to have a fight with Mr Gus but Mr Gus just fell asleep, and it kind of fizzled out, so Dougal had to go and play rugby with the kids. But then a balloon popped and that was the end of Dougal's fun until Norbert and Edmund arrived with a sack of crawling sea creatures that smelled and tasted most delicious after the Foodlady (looking hot and bothered and saying a few ugly words) boiled them for lunch.