08 December 2008

Mr Gus, kids and a train with a face

Although we didnt get to go for a walk yesterday, it was a FANTASTIC day. It was Gabriels birthday so there was lots of action. Firstly, a train with a face arrived - YAY wheels to chase. Then lots of kids arrived - YAY food and fun, and then, joy of joys, Mr GUS arrived.

I LOVE Mr Gus.

Dougal tried to have a fight with Mr Gus but Mr Gus just fell asleep, and it kind of fizzled out, so Dougal had to go and play rugby with the kids. But then a balloon popped and that was the end of Dougal's fun until Norbert and Edmund arrived with a sack of crawling sea creatures that smelled and tasted most delicious after the Foodlady (looking hot and bothered and saying a few ugly words) boiled them for lunch.

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