19 November 2008

Amazon Forest, food and moles

Sue set a rather cracking pace up what the humans call the ‘mule track’ (though I think they meant mole, and I have never seen a mole walking on a track and besides, moles are pretty blind). Not even I could keep up with her. Perhaps she was scared of seeing a giant mole and didn’t know that Dougal and I would soon sort it out! Our humans and Alice and Paul were also there. We all managed to make it up the mole track and collapsed in the coolth of Amazon Forest. I managed to find a treasure trove of tidbits under the seated area of the boardwalk, although my humans did not share my joy and muttered about littering. We had quite a feast with Alice's Chelsea buns, Paul's dates, Sue's biscuits, Alpha Males's wine gums and the Foodlady's rusks.

It clouded over somewhat and we finished this nice walk (although there were not enough other people and dogs for my taste) with a lovely cool breeze keeping the dreaded heat exhaustion at bay.
The Foodlady put these two flowers on the blog. One is the Cape bluebell or Wahlenbergia capensis, and the other is the kaneeltjie or Pelargonium triste, that has a distinctive smell of cloves suggesting that it is pollinated by long-tongued moths in the night. (But not moles or mules).
Ps. We don’t really enjoy the boardwalk as it is difficult to control our back legs and they keep slipping in the gaps. But we were mindful of the conservation of this delicate area and stayed on them. (Besides, the Foodlady said that we would fall into a CAVE and disappear forever if we didnt stay on the path. Perhaps that is where the giant moles live?)

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