10 August 2009

Up to Mimetes Valley and down Spes Bona Forest

Another good walkies day for Sue, Kristin, Pauline, Alice and us four. Paul is back from his travels but has a troublesome foot so The Alpha Male and Dougal were the only boys again. Here is Sue leading the way up the path to Mimetes Valley. I think she didnt trust the Food Lady to find the way this week! A very welcome tea even if the table rocked a bit. Just behind Dougal was our own drinking pool.
Me with Simon's Town in the background and you can just see Cape Point. Giving the FL a heart attack!
Here is Sue and Kristin admiring a large Mimetes fimbriifolius or Tree Pagoda. There are a lot of these trees here in Mimetes Valley. They are only found on the Cape Peninsula. Kristin taking photos on top of Kalk Bay Peak. This is where Sam the legendary labrador nearly passed out many years ago.
The FL is always going on about how amazing this place is. She read that there are about 2 300 plant species crammed into an area of only 470 square kilometres. Here is Thesium capitatum from the sandalwood family. It is partially parasitic on other plants' roots.
And an interesting daisy with teeth on its leaves called Othonna dentata. (We scotties are also proud of our sharp teeth! We should be Canis-ecosse dentata.)
And a bud of the Cape Anemone, Anemone tenuifolia.
Looking up the way we came down. (With me back on the lead for being a bit adventurous again!) Spes Bona Forest is a fragment of the forests that once covered the peninsula 10 million years ago – it survives in this cool, fire-protected ravine.
Back to where we started from. Here are Alice and Pauline coming down. (We were already in the Land Rover by this stage.) And beer and cider and Greyton mature cheddar cheese and Greyton olives back home... but zilch for us till suppertime hours later!

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