30 September 2009

Cape Point - pretty pointless without us

I don't see the point of putting in stuff about a walk that didn't include us Scotties, but the FL wanted to put these photos on - so here goes. Sue at Kanonkop. Gladiolus debilis - little painted lady. The name Gladiolus means little sword in Latin - an appropriate plant to see at Cape Point then. Another similar white flower (that also comes in pale blue) - this time Aristea spiralis. And just to prove a point, the name Aristea is generally said to mean a point (referring to the pointed leaves) and possibly comes from the word for an ear of corn which is arista. This flower has a star-shaped nectar guide that is a specific signal to long-tongued flies. And spirally shaped seed pods.A tiny wire orchid - Disa obliqua.
Minus dogs - Pauline, Sue and The Alpha Male standing in front of Paulsberg. (Paul, like Dougal, is having foot troubles, and he is also away in the northern hemisphere at the moment.)
On their way out of dog-free Cape Point they saw some rare Marsh Pagodas - Mimetes hirtus - flowering on the side of the main road (which the FL thinks was a race track and not a game-spotting road in a national park).

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