27 September 2010

What Elsie?

This is where we started - at the bottom of Ravine Steps in Fish Hoek. Pauline and Sue were there with Antje and her dad, Gunther from Germany. A little way up Alice came out of a house - what a surprise! We hear that this is her new house but she hasn't moved in yet. She joined us, and we went up a few more steps to the end of the houses. Dougal soon found the path. Come on you lot!

The views over Fish Hoek had the humans oohing. Not sure really what they see in views, but I do try. This is me looking over Glencairn.
There were lots of beautiful purple Wild Asters - Felicia fruticosa. Here is Sue.
This is me with my new friend Gunther.
An Appelkoostulp (Moraea ochroleuca). And a Cluster Spiderhead (Serruria glomerata). Lots of flowers to look at here - luckily the Alpha had stayed at home to say cheerio to Wyndham.

We carried on up a very gentle, sandy path - you can see Antje and her dad - till we reached the top which was rather bleak and windy. There seems to be a bit of confusion as to the origin of the name Elsie - and some say it is Els' Peak - but not too bothered about that - I was keen to find a spot for tea. And we soon did. Here is Dougal playing sentry while I snuggled up to Pauline.
I got the distinct impression we were being watched ...
Alice brought some biscuits called "Scotties" for us - although the Food Lady said they had too much sugar for us, and Alice said she could taste margarine in them. But we got a piece each after some looking angelic and a bit sad on my part and I thought they were delicious.
Dougal was also tickled pink - er ... tartan.

Then we started going all the way down again. Here is Antje and Gunther in the Green Tree Pincushion (Leucospermum conocarpodendron) bushes - with Pauline and Alice not far behind. The Phood Lady asked me to sneak in one more phlowery photo - and this one has the wierdest name - Syncarpha gnaphaloides - otherwise known as Vlaktee - a member of the everlasting daisy group. And on that note it started raining and the camera had to be stowed away!

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