19 June 2011

A week on the Sunshine Coast

The Alpha and the Food Lady abandoned us for a week and flew to Port Elizabeth where they hired a car at the airport and drove to Port Alfred for what they assured us was an inactive "catch up on our reading" week but looking at the photos, they had a lot more fun than that!

In Port Elizabeth they drove past Samrec which is the place where they rescue penguins. I thought all the penguin-orientated members of the Sunday walkers would be interested. They went for a walk along Kasouga Beach where they found three paper nautilus shells. We would rather have liked to be there. Stormy weather evidence on Kasouga Beach.It had rained a lot but stopped just before they arrived but everything was wet wet wet.
They went for a walk in the Waters Meeting Nature Reserve (NO dogs allowed) where there were lots of flowers like this Aloe ciliaris var. ciliaris which is endemic to the Eastern Cape and the only true climbing aloe. This is all part of the Albany Centre of Plant Endemism so the the Food Lady was in heaven. A Dragon Tree (Dracaena aletriformis) in the coastal forest. A rather spooky hiking hut in the Waters Meeting Nature Reserve. Maybe a dragon skull? The Alpha Male on the Port Alfred embankment - the famous bridge in the background. And a scottie on the beach! A Port Alfred Terrier at the Zest Cafe.Strange snails on those beaches.

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  1. such a great post..thanks for sharing this. by walking together with our dog can keeps us healthier and mentally alert. it can really help in stimulating, not only dogs but also people.
    Animals and nature do what they do. That leaves only man's free will to tread lightly as possible.