07 June 2012

Silver trees, spiders and things

We decided not to do the long walk today for various human reasons that we Scotties can't quite understand, but were just deliriously happy to be out and about. Alice and Maddy came and we were all deliriously happy to see them too.
We climbed up the #**#berg, stopping to look back over the Constantia vineyards towards False Bay. A really beautiful day - like midsummer! We were glad to have had our hair cut yesterday.
A snary spider.
We found a water hole that Maddy got right into as we were all rather warm.
Tea at the #*#*enberg Beacon.
Alice and the Alph having a little botanize! Yes, really!
We did a loop round towards Constantia Nek and back up to where we started from. Lots of pink ericas about,
and a large Garden Locust (Acanthacris ruficornis) with ferocious spines - enjoying the sunny weather. I like to eat them. A rock-sculpture Scottie on the vlaktes of the *#*#enberg.
It was a relief to get back down into the shady Silver Tree forest on the slopes. Apparently these Silver Trees (Leucadendron argenteum) came up in their hundreds after the great fire of 2000. (Click here for Tony Rebelo's comments on iSpot)
The Food Lady thinks they are amazingly beautiful, each leaf covered in silky hair.
A tiny little Tabakrolletjie or Common Slugeater (Duberria lutrix subsp. lutrix) on the path. Luckily we didn't see it as we would have chased it. They are quite harmless and eat slugs and snails.
And look who was waiting for us when we got home. The "little" kitty!

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  1. Click here for an interesting post on a kingfisher eating a Tabakrolletjie snake. You can see how tiny it is.http://www.ispot.org.za/node/152257