10 August 2012

Pink and fluffy

This morning it was only us four on the walk, and as it was a bit wet, we decided to do a short walk in Silvermine. We parked at the dam and set out on the Amphitheatre walk through purple and pink ericas that made us Scots feel like we were frolicking in the Highlands This is the Wind Heath (Erica hispidula). The Alph caught up with some texting and emailing ...
while the Food Lady admired an early pink Watsonia borbonica,
a pink and pretty Rice Heath (Erica lutea),
some pink and red Hangertjies (Erica plukenetti),
and some White Sticky Heaths (Erica physodes) which are closely related to the Green Sticky Heath (Erica urna-viridis) that replaces it just over the hill.
Another pink and pretty, and very fragrant plant - the Wild Buchu (Diosma hirsuta).
In a shady, rocky spot, an old and gnarled Hottentots Cherry (Maurocenia frangulara) was growing, with a decidedly ill-tempered fairy in it that I needed to chase right into a narrow little crevice. The Food Lady sounded a bit ill-tempered too when she hauled me out.
There were whole colonies of lichens and fungi and little green men on that tree! But it was time to get going,
no time to eat the daisies, or chase mice and fairies in the grass - even if it was Paul's curling twirling grass (Pentaschistis curvifolia).
Homeward bound through the Berzelia abrotanoides. And just in time because it started raining as we arrived home.

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