01 October 2012

A Heritage Day walk in the park

After a late lie-in and relax in bed with coffee and rusks, they eventually got their act together to take us on our first proper walk in 3 weeks (although we did drag poor Simon round the block once or twice but we don't behave very well on those walks I am ashamed to admit). It was back to Tokai Park to show the Alph what an absolutely fabulous place it is. We started off on the outer ring road with views across farm fields and cosy farmhouses and Table Mountain as the backdrop, and lots of kids and dogs for me to try and make friends with,
but best of all was the promise of finding BABOONS to chase!
Dougal checking for baboons, but no, it's only Dawnie Dog shambling along behind us.
This is a civilized place where owners are expected to dig holes for us to do our business in but our humans just yell and shout YUK! NOT IN THE PATH YOU STINKVARK BRAK!
A flowering Whorled Heath (Erica verticillata)- the erica that came back from the very brink of extinction.
Dawnie and I having a companionable little paddle in a puddle.
Even Dawnie was stopping to smell the flowers.
A lachenalia. (awaiting id from Graham Duncan.)
Happy Scottie!
More senecios. Possibly Senecio elegans.
A large furry fuzzy sedge - Vleibiesie (Carpha glomerata). With beetle.
Heliophila africana also with beetle.
And then we found we were back where we started from and not one baboon had we seen. But it was still a lovely walk to celebrate our wonderful natural heritage on Heritage Day.

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