22 November 2012

Piratical behaviour in Avery Avenue

Early on Sunday morning we went for a walk around the block. The neighbours in Corsair Crescent had not even woken up and turned their lights off! Dougal has not been himself lately and he had to go off to see Lucy the vet and she found he had a heart murmer and a few other things so he is off walks for a few days while he gets better SO as today is hot and summery, while the Alph went to fetch Patrick the Painter, the Food Lady took us on an expedition around the block. Or did we take her? We seemed to be leading the way most of the time.
Hadedas on the corner of Avery Avenue and Corsair Crescent. We don't mess with these birds, besides, they provide Dougal with his favourite green, dead snail-scented cologne for rolling in.
Saying hello to my biological mother and brother - and the BBJ* - and them saying hello back.
Just checking to see if there are any CATS down the drain ...
This is where Maggie the Irish Terrier and her scruffy Jack Russell brother live - a most magical garden. Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark BARK BARK
Dawnie is allowed off the lead which is a bit unfair because we have to be on leads. Here she is waking up the dogs on the corner ...
and I have to take out my frustration on Dougal's lead! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The spoil sport Food Lady won't allow us to go and bite the noses off those flea-bitten dogs through the gate! GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
A really nasty French lady lives here! But her mosaic sign is lovely.
We negotiated around Corsair Crescent, past Barbary Way (the original farm that used to be here was called Barbarossa and so now every street has a piratical name) and then into Skilpadvlei Road where there are lots of lovely old oak and plane trees (but no more skilpads sadly as I LOVE to chew on them). Here is where my best friend the ADT Bicycle Patrol guy hangs out. Dawnie likes him too because she finds delicious things to eat around his hut. We hope its just the long grass she likes to graze on.
More barking at the end of the road - there are irritating fairies and squirrels too. Much more barking! And with all our raucous singing and barking, the whole neighbourhood was now awake and all the lights switched off. So we are doing our bit for global warming after all.

*Jessie, the Bad Bitch from Johannesburg.

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