20 May 2013


We arrived for this walk with coats and jerseys but it soon became apparent that it was going to be hot! This little Aristea was also confused as to the season of the year. On the walk were Sue and Honey, Kate and Greg, Florian - and - yes! Thea! Welcome back mother of Boris.
Flowering too were lots of spectacular hot Rooi Pypies (Gladiolus priorii).
Florian spotted this little hairy beastie. He is now on iSpot awaiting an ID.
We went to Bertie's Balcony for tea, but it was too hot so we found a little patch of shade and all huddled into it. The Alf, Greg, Kate, Florian, Thea, Honey and Sue. Honey was mostly good but she still gets a bit antsy at teatime - but we really don't mind.
The parting of the ways. Becase it was so hot, some of the party decided to turn back, but Thea, the Alf, the FL and us two scots carried onwards and upwards towards the Amphitheatre, turning left just before getting there. (See route map.)
The Food Lady says that 2013 has got to be the Year of the King Protea. 
The humans found lots to exclaim over, but you can see me hotly slogging along in the shade of the restios.
Spectacular views over False Bay - with Anaxeton laeve daisies in the foreground.
Some Anaxeton laeve flowerheads are white,
and others are a hot strawberry red. (But of course, being a dog, I only have the Food Lady's word for this!)
Looking down Spes Bona valley and out to Hangklip, a weird rock monster profile on the left.
In the shadow of the Food Lady: an Irish Terrier, a Boston Terrier and two Scottish Terriers.
Views over Long Beach,
and views over False Bay -
then down to Nellies Pool and a dip for me in the Eau de Vie.
The heat eventually got to Dougal on the long hot trudge back and the Alf gave him a diggy piggy back. He should have had a swim in the Eau de Vie with me.
Can you see my tail sticking up in front?


  1. Cannot see your tail I'm afraid! Looks a long hot walk but with super views and wonderful flowers.

  2. Hello fellow Dougall! It looks like your and your fambily had a lot of fun!